Security Doors

For decades, armored doors and security doors in general are ideal both as apartment entrance doors, as well as inputs apartment buildings or houses. In INNOVAL you will find a very wide range in certified security doors either internal or external use. SABADOOR, our official partner, designs and manufactures entirely high security and aesthetic doors. It operates under CE standards and ISO 9001: 2015, manufacturing products bearing performance certifications approved by the European Union institutions.
In our range you have dozens of choices in colors superior laminate with anti-scratch properties and no-fingers, many solutions pantograph designs and doors with real wood, matte texture and elegant design. Reinforced doors with solid investments or plywood plywood ideal for outdoor use that offer true security.

What defines a security door as truly safe? Below numbers you the basic characteristics of a safe door in order of importance, and because it is important:


Exact Size Custom

Most factories manufacture standard dimension doors. In Sabadoor create your own security door to the exact dimension of your residence building opening. Why; The exact dimension door means greater resistance to rupture forced opening.


Weight and Thickness Material

Weight your door, and the thickness of the metallic elements is not visible to the naked eye. Also, the materials have higher costs for the manufacturer. Therefore to achieve a competitive price factory can make discounts on minerals used to win the sale.
Why; A possible construction of the chest with a plate thickness of more than 1mm and triple shielding can prevent rupture forced opening, retreat of the door with a hydraulic jack, the disruption by puncturing at key points



The lock of the armored door, like the handle, are the two components using a daily basis. Are key points of normal wear of the door. The lock out of the door’s operation, serves its security. For these reasons, therefore, it is important to carefully choose both the lock (mechanism) and the cylinder (key).